Monday, 27 March 2006

Night tour of the galleries [origins of the MIA trail]

I met up with Stella Wee and Amy Marlina (both early wakers) from Museum Roundtable for breakfast in Holland Village last Saturday. SW and I decided we'd better finalise our plans for the week of the International Museum Day and AM popped down to surprise SW; just as well, else we'd never have finished talking about cats (SW has more fascinating stories than I do).

After s short discussion, we fixed on a tour for 80 people to Reflections at Bukit Chandu, Kent Ridge Park, Raffles Museum's Public Gallery and Memories at Old Ford Factory. That oughta last 'em until midnight when we send them back to town to catch a Night Owl or Night Rider bus, or simply to Bukit Timah to catch a late night dinner at Al-Ameen or Al-Azhar!

Enough of the Pasir Panjang guides confirmed right away! Amazing how it all fell into place when we simply met up.

Ironically I won't go but the guides are going to have fun. Surprisingly, TSH remarked it would be scary! Guess with my focus on nocturnal flora and fauna, I don't think of much else. However, this sort of angle might satisfy MC who needs something 'edgy' to talk about; sigh, marketting people...

Suspect the places will be snapped up quite quickly; we can only take 80 - about as far as we can stretch our guide and building capacities.

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