Thursday, 13 July 2006

Quick recce in the morning

I rode up to Kent Ridge Park to survey the place in order confirm the routes for the Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail on Sun 23rd July 2006. Site visits are always necessary and biking up made it all that more enjoyable.

SACA is having the competition rather soon after prepping the trail and I decided to make things easier by minimising the crossings with the new mountain bike trail.

Next year we can plan better. For now, if both walkers and riders are alert on the trails, we'll manage.

A section of the forest was stripped, possibly for the plantings NUS will be doing, as its next to our plot. Looked scary though, whole place stripped down like that. Better find out as our visitors are sure to ask. But at least I got to take some profile pictures on Adinandra dumosa.

My bag was laden with computer, camera, documents and spare clothes and this was heavier than I thought! The blazing sun didn't help. Though I survived, my poor shape made competing with the bus out of the question this year.

First posted on Otterman speaks, 13 Jul 2006.