Wednesday, 8 February 2006

The Battle of Pasir Panjang Revisited by Lim Choo Hoon

During my efforts to secure a copy of Dol Ramli's History of the Malay Regiment 1933-1942, I found this resource:

Lim, Choo Hoon. The Battle of Pasir Panjang Revisited. Pointer: Journal of the Singapore Armed Forces, 28(1): 2002. [Originally accessed on 8 February 2006.]

"Historians in this region ... felt that it was one of the fiercest battles fought before Singapore fell and the great sacrifices by officers and men of the Malay Regiment to fight to the last marked the highest form of "honour, duty, and courage" for the professional armed forces."

"The 48-hour Battle of Pasir Panjang put up by men and officers of the Malay Regiment exemplified the highest form of "duty, honour and country" that soldiers can show in war. The courage, bravery, and sacrifice to defend Singapore island despite the foregone defeat of British forces will always remain one of the highlights in the story of the Battle of Singapore." - Lim Choo Hoon. [The Battle of Pasir Panjang Revisited. Pointer, Journal of the Singapore Armed Forces, 28(1): 2002.]

The Malay Regiment "showed what esprit de corps and discipline can achieve. Garrisons of posts held their ground and many of them were wiped out almost to a man." - A.E. Percival. [The War in Malaya, New Delhi: Sagar Publications, 1971, p. 291.]"

I have archived this in pdf, just in case the website becomes unavailable.

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