Friday, 25 January 2008

Musings of a PPHG newbie

Till today, I still don't quite know how I stumbled into the group. Kenneth will probably attribute it to my 'too nice and can't say no' ways while Siva will say it's due to my 'aunty and kay poh' nature. It's just one of life's little mysteries. I suppose I have always wanted to carry on with some heritage and public education gig, though I have left both fields for quite awhile now.

My first 'encounter' with Siva was after some awards thing at the Grassroots Club. I had been trying to reach him as I had to get the logistics going for RBC's July Heritage Trail. He didn't seem to respond to my emails, which got me into quite a quandary with my higher ups. I sure felt like a sandwich then! When we did meet, Siva mumbled something like 'you are the kancheong person' and that's when things got rolling. I met everyone else thereafter when we ran the the trails and the rest is history!

I have never been a sciencey person, don't think I will. Maybe except when it comes to baking. But the first time I pounded the pavements during 2006' trails, I was impressed by this dedicated group of volunteers. They were friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. The faces of the most jaded participant at the end of each walk was enough to see they had successfully told their stories. So 2 successful runs of Heritage Trails, 1 September WWII Commemorative later, I find myself a probabtionary guide with the PPGH. Don't even remember how I ended up here!

Regardless, being a part of the group gets me out of my shell, which is in danger of being focused on only work (or lack there of) and job hunting at the moment. As I get older, I realise I don't really hang out with many friends or club or party or do social stuff. Volunteering with PPHG keeps my mind active and my social life from dying out.

More importantly, I think I have come to enjoy the friendships made with the rest of the PPGH. I must say I was extremely touched when Airani,Anand, Oi Yee and Kenneth took time off from their busy schedules to pop by my dad's wake. They lifted my spirits during some very dark days for me. So if there was a silver lining from my previous (work)life, it would have been invited to be a part of PPHG.


pinto said...

Yes, it is your 'too nice and cannot say no' nature.

But we're glad for it!

Airani said...

It's nice to have an 'auntie' in th group! Keeps things interesting - HEH HEH